Ernie Leblanc is a Bassist with many years of experiences from which he draws to help others to enjoy music in many different settings from practice rooms and recording studios to live concerts in venues both great and small.

Ernie and his music are featured on the Internet amoungst such bassists as Alphonso Johnson of Weather Report,
Damian Erskine of Gino Vannelli, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Jaco Pastorius, ''The World's Greatest Bass Player'' of Weather Report, Mark Roberts, Wolfgang Schmid of Billy Cobham and Other Music Super-groups, Doug Wimbish of LIving Color, Victor Wooten, and many more.

The Internet has secured Ernie's place in Music History as one of the best bassists to ever Passionately pursue the instrument called the ''Right-handed, Four-string, Electric-Bass Guitar'' with great success and recognition amoungst his peers in the professional arena of the music world and would love to help you to passionately pursue and get ''Into the Bass!''

Martin Simpson's Book, ''Why I Play Bass!''

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Alphonso Johnson - Pre-Jaco Weather Report bassist.

John Paul Jones - Famed Led Zeppelin bassist.

Ernie Leblanc - Boston-based bassist.

Will Lee - Bassist in the CBS Orchestra on the "Late Show with David Letterman."
Tony Levin - Bass and stickmaster with King Crimson.

Michael Manring - Solo bassist nonpareil.

Stewart McKinsey - From the sub-contra lows.

Marcus Miller - Session and solo artist.

Peter Murray - Bassist and author of "Essential Bass Technique."

Jaco Pastorius - "The World's Greatest Bass Player."

Mike Pope - A bassist of broad scope and tremendous talent.

Ray Riendeau - One of the funkiest bassists on the planet.

Wolfgang Schmid - Electric bassist, composer, producer from Germany.

Markus Setzer - German-based bassist and author of the Bass Masterclass series.

John B. Williams - Poetry in motion.

Gary Willis - Tribal Tech bassist and solo artist.

Doug Wimbish - The official site of the journeyman bassist.

Victor Wooten - Solo artist and bassist with Bela Fleck &