About My Musical Life...

I have had 48 years refined my musical techniques and musicianship resulting in a string of successful performances...      

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About Me

Ernie Leblanc and Jeanette Roberts, ''Into the Bass!'' Website Cover Photograph - Copyright (c) 2016 Ernie Leblanc and Jeanette Roberts, ''Into the Bass!''


I'd like to share My Music with you...

About Me

I am a Bassist and Polymath Musician:


Performing music is my passion!


I'm proud to be joined in Music by my long-time girlfriend, Jeanette Roberts.


I love to perform with Jeanette and as she sees the music through a fresh set of ears and eyes. To this very day, I proudly share my life and my music with Jeanette and and I'm still amazed at her natural musicianship that gave me the most memorable moment of  musical life nothing short of astounding when we developed and performed our own arrangement of "Amazing Grace!"

I'm passionate about giving back to the music community.

About My Musical Skill Sets and Abilities:

Performing, composing, arranging, recording, producing, loving.       


Ernie Leblanc is a Bassist with many years of experiences from which he draws to help others to enjoy music in many different settings from practice rooms and recording studios to live concerts in venues both great and small.

Ernie and his music are featured on the Internet amoungst such bassists as the late, great Alphonso Johnson of Weather Report, Damian Erskine of Gino Vannelli, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Jaco Pastorius, ''The World's Greatest Bass Player'' of Weather Report, Mark Roberts, Wolfgang Schmid of Billy Cobham and Other Music Super-groups, Doug Wimbish of LIving Color, Victor Wooten, and many more.

The Internet has secured Ernie's place in Music History as one of the best bassists to ever Passionately pursue the instrument called the ''Right-handed, Four-string, Electric-Bass Guitar'' with great success and recognition amoungst his peers in the professional arena of the music world and would love to help you to passionately pursue and get ''Into the Bass!''